Development strategy

Bank Development Strategy

The development strategy for 2018-2020 identifies the support for the stable functioning of the Bank, aimed at assets and liabilities structure diversification, increase of investment attractiveness, and the Bank’s management system improvement.

In its business activities the Bank will be guided by Decree of the President of the Republic of Uzbekistan No. UP-4947 dated February 7, 2017 “On the strategy for action on the further development of the Republic of Uzbekistan” in supporting the Bank’s stability, the level of capitalization and deposit base, financial sustainability and reliability enhancement, further extension of perspective investment projects lending, as well as small business entities and private entrepreneurship, and strictly adhere to the principles of reliability, liquidity and independence while remaining as much transparent as possible for clients and counterparties, as well as for shareholders, potential investors and the regulator.

Pursuant to the Resolution of the President of the Republic of Uzbekistan No. PP-2344 dated May 06, 2015, No. PP-3270 dated September 12, 2017, on the further reformation of the institutional development of the banking system, increase in capitalization level, sustainability and liquidity of commercial banks in accordance with international standards, expansion of the range of banking services provided and obtainment the high rating indicators from national and international rating agencies, the key strategic priority of the Bank is to increase the investment attractiveness by ensuring the fulfilment of the following strategic objectives:

  • Digital financial technologies implementation
  • Retail business development
  • Risk and capital management system efficiency improvement
  • Development of the corporate management system and business processes improvement
  • Sustainable development ensurance based on increased profit and profitability of the bank

Strengthening the positions in the banking market should become the result of strategic benchmarks achievement for the basic types of activities that will enable the Bank to continue to occupy the economic niche of a stable and reliable Bank and be attractive to potential investors.