General information

The Joint-Stock Commercial Bank “Universal Bank” was established in 2001, and today it is an actively developing, universal bank with a wide range of services and special treatment on each client. We are available and open to all clients.

The bank actively operates both in corporate and retail segments. Flexible tariffs, individual approach to the specific character of the clients’ business and development of new modern banking products in accordance with the needs of the market lead to a dynamic growth of the bank’s finance indicators that allow the bank to become even more successful.

Currently, the bank is at a new stage of development, which involves the use of advanced banking technologies, operational response to changes in real demand for all types of banking products, expansion of the range of services and improvement of the client servicing.

Universal Bank has 4 branches: in Fergana region (Kokand, Fergana, Buvayda cities) and in the city of Tashkent.

Our mission: Provide high-quality financial services based on unassailable client service and modern technologies. Not just every client is important for us, but also the opportunity to be a reliable partner for him.

In its development strategy, “Universal Bank” places great emphasis on high-quality financial services provision in branches and mini-banks, and also it aims at a regional presence in all major cities and regional centers of Uzbekistan.

The client base of the bank is represented by enterprises of industry, trade, public catering, credit, financial and insurance companies and other business entities.

The Ahbor-Reyting national rating agency has confirmed the credit rating of Universal Bank according to “UzA” national scale at the level of “uzB” with the forecast as “Positive”.

The annual rating from the “Fitch Ratings” international rating company is confirmed at the level of “B-“ with the forecast as “Stable”.


 Full official name in Russian: Акционерно-коммерческий банк


«Универсал банк» (АКБ)

Abbreviated name in Russian: «Универсал банк»
Full official name in Uzbek: Хусусий акциядорлик-тижорат банки «Универсал банк»,  (АТБ)
Abbreviated name in Uzbek: «Универсал банк»
Full official name in English: Joint-stock commercial bank «Universal bank» (JSCB)
Abbreviated name in English: «Universal bank»
TIN: 203556638
Bank Code: 00973
OKONKH: 96120
OKPO: 18017857


The License of the Central Bank of the Republic of Uzbekistan for realization of banking operations No. 68 dated 21.10.2017.