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In the modern world, cash is gradually losing ground in favor of plastic cards. Indeed, with the help of a plastic card it is much more convenient to pay any expenses, be it buying products or paying for various services. You do not need to carry large sums of money, worry about the safety of your wallet, count the change and change.

Losing a plastic card, you do not lose money. Because Universalbank cards are reliably protected from illegal use. To reduce risks, observe the safety rules when handling your card, and in case of loss or theft without delay, contact the bank.

Sumcard payment card Uzcard (online)



Description of services Comission Comment
Issuance of main card 15000 The card is issued for a period of 3 year
Reissue of the card in case of loss or damage 15000
Withdrawal of cash in ATMs and cash outlets of foreign banks free of charge
Withdrawal of cash in cash at Universal Bank’s ATMs and cash outlets free of charge
Withdrawal of cash in ATMs and cash points of Universalbank through other people’s cards free of charge
Issue of information on the status of the card account


Payment card VISA


Currency card VISA Classic from Universalbank – it’s convenience in calculations, combined with ease of use, as well as reliability without geo-referencing.

The Visa Classic card does not require a mandatory authorization: it allows you to book hotels, make purchases on the Internet;
The Visa Classic card is indispensable in travel. It helps to solve many issues: get medical help, find out information, rent cars, etc.
By becoming a holder of VISA Classic card from Universalbank, you get the opportunity:

Pay for goods and services in trade and service companies around the world;
To withdraw cash in ATMs of any country in the currency you need;
Implement remote transactions: book air and railway tickets, hotels, as well as pay for goods and services on the Internet;
Receive reports on the transactions performed on the card on a mobile phone or e-mail in real time.
How to get a VISA Classic card?

Fill in the application form at Universalbank offices;
Sign the Agreement;
The size of the minimum balance is $ 50, which will be returned to the owner upon closing the card.




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