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Leasing – a kind of financial services associated with lending for the acquisition of fixed assets. Leasing is one of the most convenient and effective investment tools, allowing you to upgrade the fixed assets of your enterprise.
Leasing conditions:
– 25% of own financial resources from the value of the leasing object;

– Lease term is not less than 13 months.


Leasing subject:
The subject of leasing in Universalbank can be any fixed assets used for entrepreneurial purposes:

– buildings and constructions;

– equipment;

– vehicles.


The subject of leasing can not be land plots and property withdrawn from circulation, securities and natural resources.


Advantages of financial leasing:
– long-term financing;

– Tax privileges for both imports and services, since financial leasing allows the use of an accelerated depreciation method, full or almost complete depreciation of property occurs;

– in the interests of the lessee, the Bank selects and processes information on possible suppliers, studies the profitability of large projects and assesses the appropriateness of their implementation, draws up customs documents;

– the company can quickly replenish or update its assets.

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