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To enter the Internet-banking, follow the links below:

Login to Internet-banking with “White Key

Login to Internet-banking with “Black key

Internet bank


To enter the Internet-banking, follow the links below:

Login to Internet-banking with “White Key”

Login to Internet-banking with “Black key”


Internet banking

If you are mobile and do business, constantly moving, Universalbank offers a convenient solution for you and your business. In this section you can connect to one and / or several services:
Mobile banking for individuals.

Mobile application “UniversalPay”

“UniversalPay” is a mobile application for individuals, it is a software and hardware complex enabling 24 hours a day and seven days a week:

– remotely receive information concerning the flow of funds on their accounts;

– pay for the services to more than 140 companies, including: Internet and hosting providers, television, mobile operators, telephony, insurance companies, housing and utilities, etc.;

– pay locally, including by QR code scanning;

– monitor payments and receipts to their account, while keeping checks with detailed technical information on payment, indicating the amount, time, date of payment transfer;

– transfer funds from one card to another;

– manage several bank cards;

– repay loans and other services.

The “UniversalPay” application is developed for mobile devices operating on the basis of Android and iOS operating systems and is available to all users of Uzkard bank cards

iOS version: https://goo.gl/nQQS9f
Android version: https://goo.gl/Vgomg6
Driver for IKey key (black color)

If you receive a black key, then before the procedure for setting up Internet Explorer, you must download and install the IKey key drivers:

Key Driver for Windows XP
Key Driver for VISTA and Windows 7-32bit
Key Driver for VISTA and Windows 7-64bit
You can get acquainted with the guide for setting up an Internet bank by downloading our memo.

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