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“Fitch Ratings” has affirmed the Long-Term Issuer Default Rating (IDR) in foreign and national currencies of JSC Universal Bank at «B-». The Outlook is Stable. Short-Term Issuer Default Rating (IDR) in foreign and national currencies at «B». Stability rating at «b-»


“Universalbank” is available for repayment of credits via the payment systems “Payme” and “Universalpay”. Pay off credits staying at home at any time convenient for you and from any Uzcard Online cards. Also transfering of funds from the card to the card is unlimited!


Dear friends, accept our warmest congratulations on the New Year 2018!
Let the New Year be filled with bright events, good news and successful projects!
We wish strong health, happiness and prosperity to you and your loved ones!


PAO “Transcapitalbank” (TCB) is a Russian bank with the participation of foreign capital, among the shareholders there are: the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development, the DEG German Investment Company (a subsidiary of KfW), the International Finance Corporation.

According the amount of assets and authorized capital, the Bank is consistently in the TOP-50 of the largest Russian banks. It is a participant of the Compulsory Deposit Insurance System. It carries out all the basic types of banking transactions represented in the financial services market, including lending and servicing to private and corporate clients, investment banking, trade and project finance, asset management. The Bank has more than 60 separate subdivisions.

The “Universal Bank” PJSCB continues to conduct the active measures to increase the number of correspondent banks in order to expand the range of services for both the bank’s clients and partners.



The staff of Universalbank JSCB congratulates all citizens of Uzbekistan on the Constitution Day!

We wish you peace and prosperity, success and achievement of all your goals in the name of the prosperity of our Motherland!



Based on the Law of the Republic of Uzbekistan “On Joint Stock Companies and Protection of Shareholder Rights” and the Charter of the Bank, the Private Joint-Stock Commercial Bank “Universal Bank”, located at: Kokand city, Shokhrukhobod street (e-mail info@universalbank.uz, treasury@universalbank.uz) informs you that the extraordinary general meeting of shareholders will be held on December 11, 2017 at 12-00 in the bank building located at the address: Kokand city, Shokhrukhobod street.

The register of the bank’s shareholders as of November 27, 2017 was compiled to notify on the extraordinary general meeting of shareholders.

To determine the right to participate in the extraordinary general meeting of shareholders, the register of shareholders will be drawn up as of December 4, 2017.

The following issues are included in the agenda of the extraordinary general meeting of shareholders:

  1. The Bank’s Counsel election.
  2. Approval of the Bank’s organizational structure.

Registration of participants will be held on December 11, 2017 from 11-00 to 11-55 hours. Shareholders, as well as their representatives, will participate on the basis of a document certifying the identity, or a power of attorney issued in the prescribed manner.

In order to prepare for the extraordinary general meeting of shareholders, you can familiarize yourself with the requird information provided to shareholders in the bank building located at: Kokand city, Shokhrukhobod street. For information, you can contact the Department of Treasury, Securities and Corporate Relations with Shareholders. Telephones for reference: (0-373) 229-82-29, extension number 1073.



Universal Bank PJSCB has established the correspondent relations with KB Kookmin Bank, one of the largest banks in the Republic of Korea. Kookmin Bank CB is founded in 1963 and is a part of the Korean financial group – KB Financial Group. The head office of the bank is located in Seoul.
The bank has 1132 branches in South Korea and 3 branches outside the country.
Kookmin Bank, together with its subsidiaries, provides commercial banking services for individuals, as well as small and medium-sized enterprises in South Korea. The company’s deposits include demand deposits, fixed-term deposits, savings deposits and negotiable certificates of deposit.
Universal Bank PJSCB continues to conduct active measures to increase the number of correspondent banks in order to expand the range of services for both the bank’s client and partners.


“Universal Bank” PJSCB offers the “UniversalPay” advanced service to its clients for remote control of accounts in the Bank.

“UniversalPay” is a mobile application for individuals, it is a software and hardware complex enabling 24 hours a day and seven days a week:

– remotely receive information concerning the flow of funds on their accounts;

– pay for the services to more than 140 companies, including: Internet and hosting providers, television, mobile operators, telephony, insurance companies, housing and utilities, etc.;

– pay locally, including by QR code scanning;

– monitor payments and receipts to their account, while keeping checks with detailed technical information on payment, indicating the amount, time, date of payment transfer;

– transfer funds from one card to another;

– manage several bank cards;

– repay loans and other services.

The “UniversalPay” application is developed for mobile devices operating on the basis of Android and iOS operating systems and is available to all users of Uzkard bank cards

iOS version:        https://goo.gl/nQQS9f
Android version: https://goo.gl/Vgomg6



We are pleased to inform you that the branch of “Buvayda” PJSCB “Universal bank” opened in the Fergana region. In the new branch, a full package of banking products and quality services will be provided to individuals and legal entities.

The branch is located at the address: Fergana region, Buvaydа district, Yangikurgon, Hilol street,22


We are pleased to inform you that as per July 5, 2017, the Bank has increased interest on household deposits in foreign currency up to 12% per annum.

Now you can confidently place a foreign currency deposit in US dollars for “Universal”, “Exclusive 6”, “Exclusive 9” deposits and increase your savings!!!

You can get more detailed information in the branches of the Bank or on the Bank’s website www.universalbank.uz   in the “Deposits” section.


PJSCB “Universalbank” informs that since May 10, 2017, You can send money transfer directly to a VISA or MasterCard card issued in any country! It is enough to know only the card number.

Please your family and friends!

Bank cards replenishment

Modern service enables you to replenish your own or third parties’ bank cards of MasterCard and VISA International Payment Systems in Russian roubles (RUB), US dollars (USD) and Euro currency (EUR) (according to card number) through the “LEADER” Payment System in the branches of the “Universalbank” PJSCB.


Country list of card-issuing banks:

International Payment System Countries of card-issuing banks





VISA, MasterCard

Far Abroad Countries

The whole world.

Transfers are not possible to the following countries: Afghanistan, Burma (Myanmar), Venezuela, Zimbabwe, Iraq, Iran, Colombia, Ivory Coast, Cuba, Liberia, Lebanon, North Korea, Syria, Sudan (the list of countries is subject to change).

Transfers to the USA are available only for MasterCard bank cards.

Near Abroad Countries:

Azerbaijan, Georgia, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Moldova, Russia, Tajikistan, Uzbekistan.

To replenish a bank card you are required to:

  • Choose a branch of the “Universalbank” PJSCB accessible for you
  • Bring an identification document
  • Report bank card number and full name of the cardholder*
  • Deposit money (transfer amount + transfer fee).


Conditions for bank cards replenishment:

Card-issuing banks Replenishment currency Credit currency Fee Max

transfer amount



per day /month


Russian card-issuing banks








for transfer less than 100 USD/EUR



1 150USD**

1 100EUR








4 800 USD per day

20 000 USD per month

5 transfer per day


for transfer more than 100.01 USD/EUR



Foreign card-issuing banks







1,75%, min 4 USD/EUR





2 500 USD**

2 000 EUR




a currency other than the replenishment currency



for transfer less than 200 USD/EUR


for transfer more than 200.01 USD/EUR

*- The “LEADER” system is not responsible for the incorrect card number reported. The funds credited according to the wrong card number are not refundable.

**- Individual limitations of the card-issuing bank are possible.


Attention! It is important!

For successful transfer, the following information concerning the bank card to be replenished shall be taken into account:

  • Type of the card by the placed funds:

– debit (recommended)

– credit (there may be restrictions for replenishment or rejection to credit the transfer.)

  • The card shall be identified (registered).
  • The card shall have a protection level – a magnetic strip or microchip.
  • The time of funds credit: depends on the bank that issued the Recipient’s card, and can be from 5 minutes to 3 days (the time of funds credit to the card should be clarified by the card issuing bank).
  • The card category shall be at least CLASSIC. The Maestro and VISA Electron cards are minimally protected and have restrictions for replenishment.


For details, please, refer to the branches of the “Universalbank” PJSCB or call tel.(+99871) 200-11-10



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