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About the Bank

Private  Joint-Stock Commercial Bank “Universal bank” was founded in 2001.

For 16 years of its work, we have proven to be a reliable financial institution with an effective management system.
Universal bank carries out the main types of banking operations, including servicing private and corporate clients, investment banking, international money transfers, as well as providing consulting and information services.
The basic principles of Universal bank are the maximum convenience and flexibility in working with clients.

The effective management of assets and liabilities in order to increase profitability, gradual build-up of the loan portfolio focused on the quality of the borrower, fee revenue increase, raising funds in the debt capital markets, further development of settlement business and remote service channels can be marked out among the current strategic priorities of the “Universal bank” banking group.

PJSCB “Universal bank” is member of the Association of Banks of Uzbekistan and the National Association of Investment Institutions.

Ahbor-Reyting National Rating Agency has also confirmed the credit rating of “Universal bank” according to national scale “UzA”  at “uzB” level with forecast “Positive”. This rating reflects the high quality of the bank’s assets, adequate capitalization, risk management capabilities, favorable liquidity position, as well as good financial results of the activities.


 Full official name in Russian: Частный акционерно-коммерческий банк

«Универсал банк» (ЧАКБ)

Abbreviated name in Russian: «Универсал банк»; УНБ.
Full official name in Uzbek: Хусусий акциядорлик-тижорат банки «Универсал банк»,  (ХАТБ)
Abbreviated name in Uzbek: «Универсал банк»; УНБ.
Full official name in English: Private Joint-stock commercial bank «Universal bank» (PJSCB)
Abbreviated name in English: «Universal bank»; UNB.
TIN: 203556638
Bank Code: 00973
OKONKH: 96120
OKPO: 18017857


The License of the Central Bank of the Republic of Uzbekistan for realization of banking operations No. 68 dated 04.08.2014.

The General License of the Central Bank of the Republic of Uzbekistan for realization of operations in foreign currency No. 77 dated 27.06.2015.

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